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Academic Freedom

Academic Freedom

At post-secondary institutions, one of the key principles that define how we work, and the rights and privileges enjoyed by faculty members, is that of academic freedom. As academics, it is our obligation to search for truth, regardless of current social mores or political wills.

It is important that we have some protection from repercussions when our scientific curiosity leads us to investigate unpopular or controversial topics, and our findings do not support the current agenda of an individual or organization that might have some influence over our universities, such as governments or donors.…


Pay the Piper

Pay the Piper

In the rat-infested German town of 13th century Hamlin, the fairy tale goes that a piper with magic pipe was promised pay in exchange for ridding the town of disease-bearing vermin.

When the town reneged and refused to pay the piper, he promised revenge, later returning to lead the children away forever.…